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Akuratake mushrooms (also called White Elf Abelone) are medium to large in size and are irregular and elongated with a

Blazei Brazilian Cap Mushrooms, Dried

Also known as the Princess Matsutake, the mushroom of life, God’s mushroom and the almond mushroom. Admit it, with that kind of résumé you’re a little bit intrigued.


Chanterelles or better known as Girolle are small to medium in size, can weigh up to two pounds and are

Golden Teacher “GT” Mushroom Spores

Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores are a type of psilocybin magic mushroom known for its beautiful golden-brown appearance and general popularity among mycology researchers. Iconic golden-brown wide caps and long and thin stems. This strain is known for growing in particularly large flushes in the wild. When compared to other varieties of psilocybin cubensis mushrooms, Golden Teacher has a larger body size and is much more elegant and unique in appearance. In general, Golden Teacher mushrooms have caps that reach about five centimeters in diameter at maturity. Just as well, this strain does not fruit as quickly as other types of magic mushrooms. However, they grow very well in less than ideal circumstances in the wild.

Matsutake Mushrooms, Dried

So adored for its flavor this mushroom was almost harvested to extinction. When the Matsutake began to finally recover from

Nameko Mushrooms

Due to a gelatinous coating (it’s that light lacquer you see on its dried form), these whole Nameko mushroom has

Oyster Mushrooms, Dried

Growing in colonies on mushroom bags or rotting wood in the forest, Oyster mushrooms are a popular edible mushroom worldwide.


Porcini mushrooms also called porcini and more popular Cepes mushrooms are small to large in size with a very thick