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Dark Chocolate Mocha

Punch Bars – Punch Malt Ball – Dark Chocolate Mocha Malt Balls from Punch Edibles. This cannabis edible has 10mg

punch c90 CBD

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Punch Extracts Live Rosin

Punch Extracts Live Rosin punch extracts live rosin for sale at discount prices 100% reliable and fast delivery, Buy punch

Punch Flower

Punch Flower – Punch Bars three high strains such as Sativa-Indica-hybrid sativas (energetic) indicas (relaxing) hybrids (a combination)

White Chocolate Flavors


90 MG THC All White Chocolate


. Key Lime Pie . Strawberry Cheesecake . Cookies N’ Cream
 39 calories, 0g sugar per serving, Net Wt 22g

Peak Effect: 60-90 mins

* Gluten Free